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Our holistic Designprocess

Read about our approach to Productdesign with our own holistic designprocess


How do we get our solutions?

VDI 2221

The classic product development process is governed by VDI 2221 – Methodology for Developing and Constructing Technical Systems and Products. The process is divided into four phases and ranges from the first briefing to the product documentation. In seven work steps, you will get to a technical product. The guideline is also the basis for our holistic designprocess. We have taken some steps out to purify and want to take a closer look at other things.

Our Designprocess has the following steps:

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At the beginning of the process is the customer. Our customers present us their idea, we examine the target group, the market and the competitors and derive a few cornerstones from it. The customers of the customer. Then we go through the first scenarios, develop a strategy and make a projectplan. But we also clarify, because plans sometimes have to adapt to the circumstances over time.


With the intel from the briefing, we can now guess what our customer wants from us. So we will have a look at the current state of the art, whether there are comparable projects, what we have to change to distinguish ourselves. But cultural and social influences, possible materials, procedures should also roughly be sketched out.

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A product can also be seen as the sum of its partial products. We break it down into smaller units, play through possible variants and develop the best configuration to meet the requirements and to meet our values ​​and expectations. All sub-functions such as ergonomics, maintenance, user experience, but also aesthetics, feel, degree of innovation should as far as possible correspond to the ideas of all involved.


The product will be further developed, concretized and first prototypes will be built. It will be tested and, if needed, re-entered at an earlier stage in the development process, improved and retested.  Only when we are all satisfied with the outcome, data for volume production is derived from it.

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Branding & Visualisation

Of course, the appropriate marketing material must be made. We will create animations or CGI images of the product, a matching logo or a whole brand identity, if you wish.


We like to work with our customers over the long term and are therefore we are happy to be there to create new members of a product family. We also like to accompany new ideas for improvement that arise during the life cycle, modernization through technological progress or adjustments to new production processes.

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Of course we also make mistakes from time to time. In order to learn from these, the course of the project is documented, errors are analyzed and appropriate measures are initiated. Feedback from product-customers and our customers is also important. We carry out acceptance analyzes and are pleased about feedback.