across design delivers best productdesign and is developing innovative products close to the customer.

great productdesign is more than just a beautifull shell. it’s taking place during the whole development process.

We think


In the beginning, there is your Idea. But there is also the World surrounding. We will find out what’s going on and how we can fit your product in.

We create


Then we will create something beautiful. We will talk a lot! we will sketch, design, refine. We will go some circles. We will build something and maybe destroy it again. But in the End, it will be good.

We sell


After all the mess we made on our way, we will then talk about the final product. We create multimedia content for you to promote your new creation.


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We actout of conviction.

We think every company has a responsibility. That’s why we’ve set some key values ​​that we want to transport with our customers’ products. It is important for us to keep consumer goods as easy as possible to repair, to use materials and processes that are as environmentally friendly as possible, and thus to counter the growing global problems.

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how we are working

Design Thinking

Human centered design

product design is for the people. The properties of the products needs to be in harmony with the people. We develop products for you, which follow these principles: Simple exterior, minimalist design, easy to use, high recognition value.

From an entrepreneurial perspective too, it is advisable to put people at the center of product development. Only those who serve the needs of customers to the fullest satisfaction, can survive on the market in the long term.

Good product design

Good product design can be the decisive competitive advantage if a customer has to choose between two supposedly identical products. Because customers not only buy a product, but also the image of a brand. The purchase decision is influenced by emotions.


A product designer works similarly to an engineer, using a clear development methodology. The creative process at the beginning may seem very disorganized and chaotic, but it is essential to get free from the established perspectives and to find innovative solutions. The design process then filters the ideas.

The sketches serve for better communication and are not art objects, as some designers portray on social media. kinematics and the like can be explained much better with sketches. Very elaborate design sketches should provide a first feeling for the final product and support the decision making of the project manager.


With the help of computer-aided design, the drafts can then be further developed. You will find that not all ideas can work as they were supposed to. The devil is in the details. CAD significantly supports the development process and facilitates collaboration with the manufacturing department.


The different departments that are responsible for product development don’t usually work together so well. Marketing likes to make big promises, which the construction colleagues don’t think much of. The engineers prefer to work in peace and to solve the task perfectly. The industrial designer can mediate well here because he usually understands both perspectives. Depending on the complexity of the project, additional departments or sub-departments are added. There may even be an internal design department.


A good product can only be created if everyone involved works together and is considerate of each other. The people in the company also develop for themselves, but sometimes the defined target group deviates from the characteristics of the developer. It is not easy to withdraw here and develop for other preferences. An experienced industrial designer can also help in these cases. Goal-oriented work is supported by creating personas and profiles.


Good product design makes handling the device easier. Operation is recognized intuitively. It appeals to the customer’s unconscious emotions and thus influences the purchase decision. Products become unique and stand out from the competition. In addition, security can be increased by, for example, designing age-appropriate devices. Product design can make an obsolete product contemporary and renew the product life cycle. Industrial design can even cause a normal product to become a status symbol.

Additional advantages

But environmental compatibility can also be improved by adapting the process and the materials. Product design enables adaptation to new target groups and markets. It’s easier to diversify as an entrepreneur. It ensures lasting customer loyalty and transports the corporate identity and company image

Good product designers

Product designers are like sponges. They absorb everything and are always curious. Good designers are intrinsically motivated and become the end customer during the collaboration, so to speak. This enables the industrial designer to better put himself in the target group. Technical know-how and good spatial imagination are required.

Dynamic & up-to-date

A qualified degree is a matter of course. The industrial designer can only learn the tools for product development through good training. Ideally, the designer has experience in the types of manufacturing technology and rapid prototyping. Fast learning and good receptivity make it possible to quickly familiarize yourself with new tasks and problems. Industrial designers must always be up to date.



We recommend three designs at the beginning. This gives you a good selection of options that we can adjust in a loop to better suit your needs. In addition, you will not be overloaded with opportunities and unsettled.

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We develop the actual product based on the design. It’s not just about styling. We model the outer skin of the housing and subdivide the components. We puzzle the interior into a well-functioning package and take assembly processes into account. Product design encompasses the entire product architecture.

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With the CAD data set from the previous concept phase, everything is adjusted to suit feasability in order to be equipped for the optimal manufacturing process. This is always different depending on the production volume. You also have the option of pausing or turning more loops after each project phase. If you only need partial phases from us, that’s no problem either.

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Design for customers

Customer First

Consumer goods

Consumer goods are all products that end up directly at the consumer or at the end customer. So that the user also enjoys their purchase and remains loyal to a brand in the long term, industrial designers are commissioned to design the products accordingly.

Good product design can be the decisive competitive advantage if a customer has to choose between two supposedly identical products. Because customers not only buy a product, but also the image of a brand. The purchase decision is influenced by emotions.

  • As with fashion, which products are popular is subject to so-called trends
  • Customers must be able to identify with the product
  • Product designers take care of these issues
Capital goods

Capital goods are technical devices and large systems. These are used by companies to produce consumer goods. This field is still relatively young, since not much emphasis has been placed on it in the B2B sector.

Nevertheless, the machine design can have a far-reaching impact on productivity and employee motivation. The people who operate the machines enjoy modern hardware, which leads to more identification with the employer and ultimately to more self-motivation.

User-friendliness is also a big issue here. If the production machines are easy and intuitive to use, you save training time and can also reduce the error rate due to operating errors. This in turn leads to large cost savings for the companies using it.

For the manufacturers of capital goods, it therefore makes sense to spend a little more money on a successful product design and interface design during product development.


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