machine design

Horse Treadmill "Stable"

2020 | Sascotec GmbH

machine design for the new horse treadmill from sascotec



The next machine design / product design in the product family of Sascotec. This time it is about a horse treadmill. The defined design language for the products is based on the industrial look of old machines. This style fits in well with the chic elegance of many stables, where a lot of metal and wood are used.



Horse treadmills are used in larger studs to specifically train horses. Because the animal stays in one position, it is easier to monitor. Smart features like stride analysis can improve the diagnosis even more.


formal language

Design language

As with the company’s other products, the housing is made of bent sheet metal parts. The new corporate design has already been applied to the Aquatrainer and Spa. Visible rivets and screws are also used as design elements. A uniform machine design or product design creates recognition value and can thus strengthen one’s own brand.



Uphill & soft ground

Another special feature of the treadmills, is the incline. Up to 13° the whole treadmill can be inclined. So the training can be intensified, even if you live in the flat north.

The company Sascotec has also developed a flexible floor, which is a little yielding despite the treadmill. This protects the hooves and joints.



User Interface

The horse owner operates the horse treadmill via several robust buttons, which are ideal for this purpose. This is because horse treadmills are not necessarily located in clean environments, but in horse stables. If necessary, they are even exposed to wind and weather.
The speed is continuously adjustable with a rotary potentiometer, plus there is a latching pushbutton for switching on and off, as well as two buttons for setting the incline.


productdesign is inside & outside

The frame is made of galvanized steel and is therefore well protected from all external influences. The solid workmanship withstands even the heaviest animals.


product design


For easy transport, the railings can be loaded onto the treadmill and the ramps are folded up. So everything is together and in one place to save space.


horse treadmill stable | machine design

The product design is part function of the product and must be adapted to the area of application and place of use. Especially the surfaces should be robust for external influences in this case. With the machine design for the product family of equestrian equipment, we have introduced a new level in the industry.