A StartUp from the real estate industry wants to open a Capsule Hostel. Across design was commissioned for the design and technical development of the capsule.



A capsule hostel is a hostel with a large dormitory, but where the beds are not divided by bunk beds, but in private capsules. This is to create more privacy. The concept comes from the Asian region and enjoys great popularity there.



A few constraints come together for the design of the capsule. First, the capsule must accommodate a mattress for one person, but should offer a little more space, since guests also handle luggage. There must be a way to charge the smartphone and computer. In addition, a cozy lighting and good ventilation is important.



The customer already had a clear idea of the direction the design should take. Therefore, three drafts were developed directly, which were then relatively quickly converted into the 3D implementation in CAD and iteratively developed further.



The capsule is made of laminated fiber composite shells, as otherwise the shape would not be easy to manufacture. This is held by a frame structure made of metal profiles. These cages are stackable, so you can place the capsules in two stories. For easy cleaning, the sheet is attached to a piping directly to the division of the formwork. There is also a blind to close the entrance.


Capsule Hostel | product design


A challenging project, because here the visible side of the casing is the inside. Product design for a Capsule Hostel is quite different than designing a machine enclosure.

Unfortunately, the project is currently on hold due to the Corona pandemic.