What drives us?

Our designphilosophy

Designphilosophy? It`s our Value and Beliefsystem we want to use to shape the products we develop.


Why are we doing what we do?


What drives the people to do what they do? Why do people go mountaineering? And why are we flying into space? It is the curiosity, the urge to cross borders. And that is exactly what drives us too. We are big children who want to understand the world. Especialy industrialdesigners writing about designphilosophy. Because many things we still can not understand today:

How can one develop a material, that permeates global goods structure without worrying about disposal? Plastic has a high recycling potential.

Why do you prefer a solution that obviously is not the most promising? The combustion engine has overpowered the electric motor long ago. Although it has a much more complicated supply chain.

holistic design

We want to change that and are facing the uncomfortable questions. Because of that, we consider things holistically and not just isolated. That is why we have developed our designphilosophy as a holistic design approach. Because every decision has consequences and you have to be aware of that already early in the development phase. Business Models, Distribution Channels, Life Cycle and Effects. All these facets that are not directly available at launch. But we want to try to consider all these facets, as good as possible.


Technical products are no longer just things you buy in the store. We interact with them, provide information about us and our behavior. Products have an influence on society and vice versa.

Smartphones for example are incredibly handy. You can retrieve the knowledge of the world at any time in (almost) any place. At the same time, you also reveal a lot about your life. The distraction factor is also a product feature. How many accidents have happened through smartphones? This aspect was probably not considered in the FMEA (possibility of error and influence analysis). You have to think “outside the box”.

changing perspective

Through our interdisciplinary exchange, one remains alert. The expert is often too close to the problem, too deep in the topic. Other thought patterns have different opinions on problems. Another perspective. And to be able to make this change of perspective is important. Not only in personality development, but also in product development. Because of this, it is handy to call in an external industrialdesigner.

Core Values

We, who are helping entrepreneurs to realize their product ideas, have a responsibility to steer them in the right direction. Because we think it is our mission to get them away from unconditional profit maximization. And away from unscrupulous exploitation. Therefore, we have defined the following values ​​for us:


Easy assembly and disassembly of the products.


Use of reuseable materials.


reduce transport, produce smart


Offer possibilities to compensate.


Fair share for everyone involved.

self reflection

Constant critical questioning.


Of course, we also have a lot of fun in our work. We are nerds and hobbyists, creatives and entrepreneurs. Our intrinsic motivation is high. We stand by what we do because we love it. And we love the technology that is in the products. Of Course we love it when our works feel good. last but not least, we are proud when they look good, too. that is all part of our designphilosophy


We are challenged by meeting all the requirements of a product. Product design is a wide field, sometimes very free and conceptual, sometimes very severe and dust-dry. It’s the variety that keeps us going.