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Our new Industrialdesign Portfolio

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The Website in a new Look

Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

What is changing?


The Times are a Changing. Especially as a product designer or Innovator. A relaunch was long overdue.

At first, my Vision was to focus only on productdesign as a freelancer. But Userexperience, Corporate Identity and other twodiemensional Stuff gets more and more important. The physical product becomes more of a Black box. This made me rethink my concept and i expanded my skillset.

New Focus

With across design i hope to make it possible. Because Design has many faces. across design represents all of it. We try to bring it all together under one Brand. Assignments i cannot handle alone, will be given inside my network. The Plan is to grow into a real agency. Remember, i started as a freelancer.

I am looking forward to this journey. You can have a look at our first projects beyond product design in our Portfolio.