sustainable productdesign -  a competition

sustainable productdesign as a competition

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it's about sustainability

sustainable productdesign

sustainable productdesign competition

For some reason (SEO, maybe?!) the website got their attention to me. I texted with a nice woman a few times and now i am part of a jury of this competition. It is about sustainable productdesign, especially upcycling.


the task is to find a way to save money. There are two categories, one for Start-Ups, and one for regular people. We are looking for projects wich are reusing resources without reducing their quality.

At the university emden we have a project ongoing about a similar topic, but in the gambia. we are trying to figure out a way to turn the plastic waste over there into an income stream for the people.

i support those ideas, where the product lifecycle is extended. Maybe you already heard of the RepairCafé in Emden, which i cofounded with some other people. Its always a good idea to continue towards full circle economy.



who is who?

The company behind probably just wants to extend their reach online, but hey. i want the same for my page. buzzwording with modern topics is a good way to do that. and since i am fully behind those projects, who am i to judge them? And why not push some sustainable product design to the mainstream?

sustainable Productdesign

I am looking forward to the Start-Up pitches. Maybe there will be some good opportunities for some colaborations in the future.

you can get more information on the Website of the competition.

have fun!