Festo Challenge

Principle to Product


The Challenge

Artist and Inventor "Paul Schatz" discovered the principle of Inversion by Cutting a Cube into a Belt of tetraeders. The Challenge aimed to bring Engineers and Designers together to work interdisciplinary. The Task was to find a suitable Problem for this Solution. Usualy Productdevelopment works the other way around.



While inverting, the Edges of the Tetrahedals are touching again and again. We thought about what we could make out of it, like fusing, cutting, separating. Why not all three? We did some research about bag making machines and found we could try to develop one.



The most difficult thing was to invent a hinge that could rotate and translate at the same time. And we had to drive the geometry somehow. We came up with a brushless motor, static side on the outside, and a regular hinge on the inside. The whole motorsetup is beared on a telescopic arm.



Another interessting detail is the guiding system. In order to be at the right place in the right time, the tube needs to follow the tetrahedals. This results in triangle shaped bags.
Last but not least, we needed some cage that suspends the whole mechanism.


First Place

Festo Challenge – Principle to Product


Festo | German Design Council

This project was done during my masterstudys at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg. I had two wonderfull Teammembers: Ann Julea Rajahkumar and Andreas Michel. We were awarded with the first price by the german design council