Daytime Running Light for Motorbikes



The Challenge

It was a lot easier for Motorbikes to be seen on daytime, when cars did not need to drive with lights on. They where the only ones.

Today, the Branding is mostly done with the looks of the daytime running light. To get a unique standing it is important to have a good styling as well.

For those Reasons it makes Sense to develop an upgradeable daytime running light for Motorbikes, which can be purchased in aftersales.



Daytime running lights are specialy fitted to light into the Eyesight of approaching traffic and in front you. They are not made to give a better sight of the Street. This makes it possible to achieve a linebased Design.

The Lamp is mounted on a bridge between the suspensionforks. The only thing to take care of is the suspensiondistance to the wheel. Alternatively, the lamp can be mounted on the suspensionfork itself.



To find the right niche in the market, the new registrations in previous years were examined. The best selling Motorbikes where took as reference for Design and where measured to find a good place for mounting. Also, the Styling was examined to make the Lamp a good match to most of the bikes.


Daytime Running Light


Delvis GmbH | HS Emden / Leer

The Lamp was developed as Bachelorthesis at the Delvis GmbH in Wolfsburg. A functional Prototype was build and the concept was proposed to various OEMs. Unfortunately, the Laws where still quite uncertain when finishing the Project.